Workers Compensation

Any injury that occurs while you are performing a task for your employer, no matter where the task may be, qualifies as a workers’ compensation claim. Ask us how we can help with your compensation.


Personal Injury Attorneys

Dealing with an insurance company can be difficult in any circumstances. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can ease some of that burden by fact-finding, gathering documentation, and crafting demands for settlement of your claim.


Social Security Disability

We spend a lot of time working to succeed in our jobs and careers, but we usually don't consider the difficulties of becoming disabled. Social Security can provide valuable help to you, but you need to know how to navigate the complicated system.

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No $ For You – No Fee For Us

Goicoechea Law Offices works strictly on a contingency basis. This means that we are paid based upon a percentage of the amount we recover for you.

Our #1 Goal

We are committed to helping our clients by making sure that everyone receives our best possible effort; both from our attorneys, and from our staff.

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Experience is Power

For over 30 years, Goicoechea Law Offices has concentrated its practice on accident/injury cases which include Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury cases.

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